Tongue and Groove Cladding

Tongue and Groove cladding in a profile of

22mm x 125mm (19mm x 110mm finished size) and

19mm x 125mm (16mm x 110mm finished size).

Log Lap T&G 22mm x 125mm (19mm x 110mm finished size).

Ideal for gazebos, gates, sheds, garden rooms, storage, planters etc. 

Pressure treated green.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Tongue & Groove

Versatile cladding with a profile of PTGV1S.

22mm x 125mm (19mm x 110mm)

Available in 4.2m lengths

19mm x 125mm (16mm x 110mm)

Available in 4.8m lengths

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Log Lap T&G

Alternative style cladding with a rounded profile to resemble log cabin cladding.

22mm x 125m

(Finished size 19mm x 110mm)

Available in 4.2m

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Pressure treated green

Both T&G and Log Lap are pressure treated and ready to use.

As an alternative - why not use Weatherboard, Feather Edge or PAR as cladding.

Our tongue and groove cladding is a PTGV1s which means it has a 'v' groove on one side. This gives you two options for use. 

1. Traditional flat side for a flush finish such as in floorboards.

2. Groove side facing for a more decorative finish.

Tongue and groove cladding has always been a popular choice for many applications and gives a great look to any project.

Also available is a tongue and groove Log Lap which has a curved side to give a half log finish when placed together.